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Honey Rider


Frazetta sketch…both sides of the page!

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Led Zeppelin — Bring it On Home - 1969

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…by any standard she was a desirable woman, and she knew that. She knew it from what she had seen in the eyes of certain men, to which from time to time she had felt something like an echo in herself…

Part of her desirability was her look of knowing more than she was saying, and of being amused by the difference. That, and the utter frankness of her presence. There was in her, even in old age, a declarative force of being that was unhesitating and without disguise.

Wendell Berry, A Desirable Woman (via sphinxnomore)

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Shoutout to honey-rider for all of her time and effort to bring us nice things to look at (:

You’re a living doll - thanks! Honey xo